Our Goal:

Reduce the stress during a residential real estate sale for both the real estate agent and the home buyers by covering unexpected expenses due to delays.

Buyer Arrangements Prior to Purchase

1 out of 4

One out of four residential real estate closings are delayed.  The top reasons are issues related to obtaining financing, appraisals, and home inspections. 

The Unexpected

While most are ultimately resolved, and the sale goes through, occasionally there are circumstances where the buyer has relied on the settlement date to vacate their current residence and delays cause unexpected expenses – hotel, personal property storage, meals, and pet boarding – until they can move into their new home.

*All statistics from the National Association of Realtors research group


Real estate agents will see significant benefits to provide this new insurance solution to their home buyers through a smoother real estate transaction process. 

Peace of Mind

Insurance Protection that offers peace of mind during the residential real estate transaction.

More Cooperation

Helps negotiations by removing a specific financial burden and need to blame.  Less finger pointing and more cooperation.

Stay on Track

Keeps residential deals on track for all parties involved: clients, lenders, realtors, title and escrow agents.

The Origin of Insure My Closing

Closing Delay Insurance was created in response to a delayed settlement that the program developer Paul Hayes participated in as a realtor representing his close friends. Paul’s clients were excited to move out of their townhouse into their first single family home. Things were going just as planned, until just days before closing on both homes, the seller of their new home informed them that he wouldn’t be able to settle on time and closing would be delayed by 10 days.  The buyers were stuck in the middle and had to sell on time but had to wait to get into their new house. They were stressed, angry, and frustrated. Expenses mounted as their possessions needed to be stored, they had to stay in a hotel, eat out daily, and even put their dog, in boarding.

From Paul’s point of view, each hard conversation between agents and clients led further away from the desired feeling and expectation of a smooth and happy ending to the transaction.

Paul recognized in that moment that an opportunity exists to take a lot of the stress and negative dialog out of a transaction that is delayed by creating an insurance product that helps offset the expense a buyer experiences in a delayed settlement.

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