As a residential real estate buyer, what keeps you up at night?  For many, it’s concerns around choosing the right agent to represent you, obtaining the best financing or finding just the right property.  There is no question all of these are key to a positive home buying process.  But what about delays? 

One out of four residential real estate closings are delayed.  The top reasons are issues related to obtaining financing, appraisals, and home inspections.  While most are ultimately resolved, and the sale goes through, occasionally there are circumstances where you, as the buyer, have relied on the escrow closing date to vacate your current residence and you find yourself in limbo with a variety of unexpected expenses – hotel, meals, personal property storage and pet boarding.

Until recently, there was no way to protect yourself against these unexpected expenses which can add up to thousands of dollars.  The team at recognized that significant need in the marketplace and have designed an insurance product to reimburse those expenses. 

Residential home buyers can purchase insurance coverage online within the first five days of executing the real estate purchase contract.  We’ve also made it easy for realtors to buy on behalf of their clients as a value-added service.

Why not have a backup plan and get a good night’s sleep?

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