As any real estate professional knows, one of the challenges in creating and maintaining an ongoing pipeline of transactions is attracting new clients.  Agents and brokers use a variety of tried and true marketing avenues to identify and solicit leads, but what have you done lately that makes you stand out from your peers?

What if you offered a solution to the stress that accompanies most residential real estate transactions – adhering to timelines and staying on track so all parties meet the agreed upon settlement date?  Everyone knows there is no magic pill that is going to make things go smoothly at all times, but how about the next best option – an insurance policy that covers unexpected expenses for the buyer when they have committed to leaving their current residence on a date to coincide with the settlement, only to find that date has been pushed back?

If you follow trends in the industry you may have seen the buzz about the latest one – Insure My Closing – which is a lifesaver for your client’s peace of mind and is a tangible benefit you can provide for your buyer at the time that the real estate contract is executed.  No more ‘what ifs’ from your clients surrounding settlement dates.  What if I move out of my house and I have no place to live?  What if my personal property is loaded on the van and I have nowhere to put it? What if I have dogs and a hotel won’t allow them? 

Answer all those questions with an InsureMyClosing policy and help your client sleep at night.  And by choosing innovation, you’ll differentiate yourself from your peers in the process! 

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